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On the Eve of the release of it's revised 2009 Master Plan the Moorabbin Airport Corporation (MAC) was actually crowing about:

  • More noise
  • More planes
  • More training and more inexperienced pilots as young as 16yrs
  • Widening of runways to accommodate future jets
  • Carving up the local golf course to build shops and make more profit for the corporation

And it added:

is responsible for managing what happens on the ground, not what's up in the air, that's a Federal Government matter"

air traffic set to soar

Chelsea, Mordialloc, Mentone INDEPENDENT NEWS, February 24th, 2009

If you want to know what will happen to your lifestyle plans and your nest egg if the Moorabbin Airport Corporation takes control of the safety and amenity of the City of Kingston have a look at what happened around the Melbourne Airport in 2007 - click here

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