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There Are Already Sensible Alternative Locations For Pilot Training!

senate enquiry into noise

Experienced Pilot
Speaks Out
It's Too Noisy

Local Residents Say Enough Is Enough
It's Stress Related
Injury Caused By Our Government

Noise Up
Safety Down
Home Values Down
Planning Restrictions Up
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28 Planes Overhead
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A Common Experience

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Imagine Listening To This Sort of Noise
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An Identification Chart
To Help You Work Out Which Aircraft Are
Responsible For The
Noise & Low Flying

Learn More About Aircraft Noise - What Causes It
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15 Ways To
Quieten  The Skys

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Call The AirServices Noise Complaint Line 1800 802 584
Call the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman 1800 266 040 

Call The Airport And Speak To The CEO Mr Paul Ferguson  (03) 8587 8000
Call The Minister For Infrastructure, Mr Warren Truss (02) 6277 7680 (ultimately the only person who can make a difference)


There Are Already Sensible Alternatives For Pilot Training
Which Could Be Used Instead Of The Moorabbin Airport

 The alternatives are not in densely populated urban areas and
there are enough locations to spread out the impact.

A quick visit to the Victorian Premier's website reveals that resourced pilot training on an international standard is already happening in several regional locations and there are plans to invest further in the associated infrastructure.  So the idea of moving training away from the densely populated community around the Moorabbin Airport would be quite feasible and could be achieved quickly if someone was motivated.

The regional locations are:








And they are currently being used by students from China Southern, China Eastern, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines and DragonAir.

See more in the following article or contact the Premier to discuss why it makes sense to move training from the Moorabbin Airport

For some reason the premier's office removed this link from their site - wonder why?  (we found an archived version on another site) 

There are also a number of aviation studies which have concluded that moving aviation training has little impact on its viability or jobs because (as you might expect) it is a mobile industry.

moorabbin airport alternative training locations

Actually There Are Dozens of Aerodromes In Victoria - Link




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