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We're Being Patronised & Physically &
Psychologically Abused By Systematic Aviation Bullying

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Airservices Australia Gives Little Regard For The Sensitive Coastline Near Moorabbin Airport

Well it's now official. There are more than 100 square kilometres of virtually uninhabited land, industry, landfill and other noxious facilities adjacent to the Moorabbin Airport. Nevertheless Airservices Australia thinks the current airspace usage which involves concentrated aircraft movements over the most densely populated and highly sensitive coastal areas makes the most sense!

Aviation Noise Ombudsman Toothless Tiger
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Minister Appoints Aviation Noise Ombudsman - Powerless & Friend Of The Fliers

A few years ago people knew that the minister didn't give a damn about their community, health, safety or amenity. And the aviation departments often didn't bother replying to their community hate mail. Now there is an ombudsman for aviation noise. However, if you dig below the surface you'll find that the ombudsman is an aviation friend and the powers of the office are limited to putting gentlemanly pressure on Airservices Australia to get them to finally open and respond to the noise complaints. Don't hold your breath . . .that's where it ends! With the invention of the aviation ombudsman the aviation departments have employed more spin doctors to cut and paste standard responses to the many complaints. Meanwhile the community still suffers from aviation noise and wrongly believes that its concerns are finally being taken seriously. And of course we're all picking up the bill for yet another self serving aviation department.

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Is The City Of Kingston Impotent or In Bed With The Aviators & Moorabbin Airport?

Is The City of Kingston in bed with the Moorabbin Airport, lethargic or just powerless? Even if the City is powerless the community needs more support and a vocal position from Council in the battle against the unbearable impacts of the airport and the unrelenting and unethical aviation practices over a community of 150,000 people.

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It Doesnt Matter Who You Complain To - You'll Be Smoke Screened Every Time

If you complain about noise or safety at the Moorabbin Airport don't expect a proper answer. At best you will get vague references to aviation policy and guidelines. Logic, ethics and fair play don't seem to rate highly on anyone's agenda.

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The Aviation Power Brokers Champion Their Flacid & Optional Fly Friendly Program

After years of discussion, the best the community has managed to achieve is a completely voluntary Fly Friendly brochure for pilots and aviation businesses. It's a bit like the sign at the local pub which tells patrons to remember the residents. The way the Moorabbin Airport and the aviation power brokers talk about fly friendly you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a wonderful initiative. Another poor concession for suffering residents.

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Another Minister, Another Aviation Safety Review - But We Already Know Moorabbin Is Intolerable

Thank goodness we are having another aviation safety review. These responsible studies help us to understand that airports like Moorabbin pose an "intolerable societal risk" (independent Ambidji Report). Perhaps one day we we will realise that it is unethical to encourage a quarter of a million training and recreation flights over the densely populated community adjacent to the Moorabbin airport.

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The So Called Moorabbin Airport Community Consultative Committee - "A Boys Club"

The Moorabbin Airport community "consultative" process is not like the sort of consultation that most of us are used to. There is no imperative for any particular outcome. It has been set up as a cynical political exercise aimed at placating the local community - it also serves to further diffuse the access of the community to proper consideration of real environmental, amenity and safety issues.

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Moorabbin Airport - Community Intimidation By The Federal Government?

There are no noise regulations or noise restrictions for aircraft in and around Moorabbin Airport. There is absolutely no environmental protection for the local community. As the situation continues to worsen, it raises the question of whether this is premeditated bullying by the Australian Federal government.

If the local community is sufficiently intimidated by Moorabbin Airport activities, will it cause a general sense of helplessness for locals which then leads to social compliance and an acceptance of this ethical disaster we call aviation?